Croxetti Liguri

Thanks to an old brave man, an ancient dish from Liguria comes back to life!


Learn about the story of Croxetti of Varese Ligure

Onion soup

An hot, delicious soup made with onions, cooked au gratin with bread and cheese. Simple and tasty.


Let’s make Piada romagnola, a tipical food from Emilia Romagna. An amazing food that goes well with everything, and even alone!
You can also make it vegan style!

Italian products: The cotechino

Before the introducion of the refrigerators, fall was the moment we produced most of the pork cured meat, which was lately hanged and left to dry and mature for a few months in a colder cellar, most of the time located under the ground. In poor italian cuisine, nothing of the pork was wasted, even…

The italian aperitif: Spritz

The spritz. Or the ‘Aperitivo‘ as we call it in northeast Italy. It became famous all over the world in the last decade, but in veneto it has at least two centuries. Let’s talk about a little bit of history first. During the Habsburg domination we started to be flooded by austrian soldiers. They loved our wine…

Our first trip to Venice and the Zaeti cookies.

We’ve been in Venice! Pictures of our trip are below, I’ll use this post to talk about a cookie typical of this city, the Zaeto (or Zaleto, dialect for giallo, yellow, like it’s color). They’re made with corn flour and resins, but you can find variants like those in the featured picture with chocolate drops….