About Her

Goldilocks: Making sure everything is just right!


I’m a lifelong chocoholic who’s been making cakes (mostly chocolate ones) since I could reach the counter with the help of a stepping stool.

Luckily I’ve moved on from boxed cakes, and I even made my best friend’s three tier wedding cake.

I almost dropped out of grad school to go to culinary school, but practicality got the best of me. Cooking may not be my profession, but it’s my favorite hobby.

(Oh, and I like eating, too. Is that a hobby?)

I love to travel, and when I can’t, making new recipes is like a journey for my taste buds.

I have a sweet tooth, but most American sweets are too sweet for me! I love contrasts like dark chocolate and sea salt.

I love when grapes and watermelons have seeds. (United States, I’m looking at you! What did you do with my seeds???)

I always drink something hot -coffee, tea, lemon water- even in the summer.

I used to love Pumpkin Spiced Lattes at Starbucks…until I found out there’s 50 grams of sugar in a grande!

Pizza is hands down my favorite food! But not the Domino’s or Little Caesar’s kind…the thin Italian kind from a wood-fired oven.

This winter I discovered two new favorite fruits: persimmons and pomegranate.

I love spicy food!

Italian food is my favorite, but there are some Thai, Japanese, Mexican, and Arabic dishes that I absolutely love.

I’m American, but I’ve lived in France (twice) and Italy, and I really got into cooking trying to re-create all of the delicious food I ate abroad.

Bear says he’s a really good cook, but for now I’ll just have to take his word for it! :p AND NOW I CAN CONFIRM THIS IS TRUE…BEAR IS A FANTASTIC COOK! But if he cooks half as well as he makes me smile and laugh, then I know his food will be delicious! 🙂 


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  1. Hi Kelly! Thanks so much for following my blog I’ll be checking out your posts

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    1. Kelly says:

      Hi Margie! I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts about Italy! Which blog did my profile connect to? I’m not sure if it connected to my old one that I no longer write, but my current one is Goldilocks & Bear, my Italian cooking blog with my boyfriend. And then I have my other blog italianatheart.com where I write about my travels, learning Italian, and getting dual citizenship. I think I read you have Italian heritage too?


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