About Him

I am Alberto, ‘the Bear‘ (probably more a teddy than a bear), an IT Engineer from Italy.

I always loved enjoying good food, and when i turned 25 i fulfilled my desire to learn how to do it by taking cooking lessons.

I’ve been experiencing to cook traditional Italian recipes since then, but I always look forward to try foreign dishes to add to my “collection” of recipes. Neverthless I hate foreign ‘Italian-like cuisine’, probably because I┬ádon’t really get what other countries do to our culinary tradition. It seems that many foreigners think that some oregano or basil in a cheesy-greesy-oily dish automatically makes that dish italian; and that’s a little disturbing.


I love to spend my spare time nagging my lovely fellow author Kelly on Skype, or by cuddling my little kitten Fufi.
I enjoy watching hi-res movies and TV Series in original language and playing with Xbox from time to time. I’m much more a couch potato than a bear, maybe. Or a bear in constant hybernation. I let you decide.

My nemesis: the alfredo chicken pasta.