Coffee Chat: Appealing Photographs vs Good Food

This post was originally written on June 28th, but then pulled out of our schedule. While it truly reflects our idea of a food blog and of food photography in general, we thought it would have been adversely received in the instagram era of the internet. However, this event made us change our mind. If you read this and have an opinion to share, then you really must reply us, open hearted. We want to know your opinion!

Goldilocks is all about photos these days. She’s obsessed with Instagram and just created us an account @gandbcuisine.

We try to be as critical as possible when it comes to our blog, and to improve it in any way we can, so we always keep an eye on others’ blogs to learn from them how to make ours better while still mantaining our uniqueness and our own style. To be honest, it’s not easy. Neither of us are professional photographers nor professional bloggers, we’re normal people who share, like most of you, a passion: food. Possibly healthy and traditional food.

My personal thought is that food should be first of all good and as genuine as possible. Which means the colors of the ingredients sometimes might not be vivid, and its appeareance might be anything but appealing. But it doesn’t mean it’s not going to be delicious, AND natural. I know the frustration of making a recipe which looks awesome in pictures and then disappoints you. And I also know the frustration of making something truly delicious that looks way worse than the pictures of the original recipe. We don’t want that. That’s why we both want to assure you we’ll never superedit the picture to make our food more appealing, we’ll just edit them to correct the exposure and eventually some contrast and brightness, mostly because we don’t have the right equipment (and expertise) to take good pictures indoors. Yet.

That said, we’re trying to improve our skills for all of you, to make your mouth water a little more and encourage you to try our recipes, and (hopefully) give us feedback. This means we’ll experiment different presentations and scenery, different light sources, different photography tricks, and maybe we’ll learn how to take a good picture in the meanwhile.

But again, what you’ll see will be exactly what our camera sees. Nothing more than that. Honest food. Because that’s how we want it. And eat it after.

If you have any advice, any idea, or even critiques, you’re encouraged to write us. We are eager to know what you think.


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  1. Ishita says:

    Haha the Instagram line is so true 😉 You guys are doing great, I personally love the food blog idea and am not just saying because I am your friend. Just eat and click however you want for now. Everything comes with time..Cheers!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Alberto says:

      Thank you Ishita for being one of our very first supporters! We are having fun and eating lots of delicious food, so that’s what matters. We just want to share our love for Italian food! (btw this is Kelly typing from Alberto’s account lol)


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