The little town of Bassano and its unique grappa: the Tagliatella

Today we visited Asolo, a small medieval town just north of my place. It’s the real first day Goldilock is really here, since she suffered of jet lag for the first two.

But now she seems to have fun! We shared a dish of ghocchi with boar and another one with duck sauce, and a good bottle of prosecco, in the very center of the small square of Asolo.

Then we had a quick stroll to Bassano, famous for its grappa producers.

The most traditional product, the Tagliatella, has nothing to do with food and pasta. It’s a liquor made out from the remains of all other grappas, flavored with clove, cinchona, marasca cherry juice and other spices. The terms tagliatella (Tajadea in venitian dialect) refers to the different cuts (tagli in Italian) of liquor it’s made with.

And Goldilock definitely seemed to like it.

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